She Was a Phantom of Delight
She Was a Phantom of Delight was written in 1803 and published in 1807. It is said that William Wordsworth wrote this poem for his wife, Mary Hutchinson. Later in his life, Wordsworth said about SShe Was a Phantom of Delight: “it was written from my heart”. The poem is a lyrical ballad with an AABBCCDDEE rhyme scheme. She was a Phantom of delight has three stanzas with ten lines each, and the metre is iambic tetrameter. The tone of the poem is calm and amorous. She Was a Phantom of Delight doesn’t describe a particular setting, as it focuses on hyperbolic descriptions made by the lyrical voice. Furthermore, Wordsworth utilizes alliteration in order to create and aural effect and to emphasize the softness of the woman that the lyrical voice depicts.
The poem narrates three moments in the relationship between the lyrical voice and the woman he/she refers to in the poem: the moment when they first met, how they got to know each other better, and the occurrences that took place after their marriage.