Furthermore, female footballer players work a lot harder, put in time, determination and commitment in their sport. According to Charles Stanley, who written an article on testosterone, mentioned on average, women tend to have about one-tenth the testosterone levels as men. It is a high disadvantage as the level of testosterone affect the fat distribution, muscle mass and energy level. As a result it is tougher for females to build and strengthen their muscle. This means that the women have to use more energy in order to achieve their goal whereas men would only have to use half of their energy. In my opinion, it is extremely important to reward a footballer either gender by recognizing their performance and efforts. Of course, women work as hard, play as strong and the level of effort they put in their sport is equal compared to men footballer so there is no absolute reason to why women get paid less for the same sport. With football, both gender train four to five days a week, play 90 minutes with extra time, both are exposed to high risk of injuries. In my opinion, the work of the female players needs to be recognised and acknowledge publicly and financially which would help an increase in their salary.