For most of my life, athletics and basketball has been a huge part of me, shaping me into the person I am today. The experience that I’ve obtained has benefited me greatly. I have learned how to be a leader to myself and to my teammates as well. Also, I have acquired many aspects in life such as how to value self-confidence and respect, and to also take on tough challenges and phases that it throws my way. This can help influence my character as a person, and will also help me in my college years and with my athletic career in the future.

Basketball and athleticism has had an extremely positive influence on my life and my development as a person. To begin with, basketball has taught me teamwork and cooperation with others. In addition, it has aided me to work well with others and to lead my team to success while being under pressure or in tough circumstances. During a close game and our team is tied up or losing by a certain amount of points, I push my team and myself to excel to the top even when there is no energy left within us. I would use positive encouragement to help push my teammates and myself as well. Without the use of teamwork, cooperation, and leadership, you may never be able to succeed in what you truly want to accomplish.