Outline how a caller’s experiences affect their view of an organisation
A customers experience on the phone can affect their view of an organisation greatly, for instance long wait times is are vital, for instance the customers call needs to be addressed in a timely and appropriate manner, if not they may hang up and not call again meaning you may lose out on business and money, another frustrating point is being put on hold for a long time to the customer point of view they will think you are understaffed. At Air Livery we use phone charts, this lets us know which people are responsible for which department, this is very helpful as we can transfer the customer to the correct person. But if we didn’t have this list we could be transferring customers to multiple people before we get to the right person, this could put a really bad impression on us as we would sound uncoordinated and appear very unknowledgeable.
Outline organisational standards and procedures for communicating on the telephone
1.3 State the importance of following organisational standards and procedures when making and receiving telephone calls
When making and receiving calls, you must stick to the normal procedures. If not this can cause serious problems for you the company and the customer. Making an effective telephone call requires very specific actions. If you are making a call to a customer you have time to prepare therefore more likely to be able to guide the conversation in the direction you want it to go. To make a phone call effective you need to keep a few things in mind. Firstly you need to keep the customers details in mind this way you can anticipate your customers expectations, this is why it is vital to always and consistently update customer records if it wasn’t for procedures like this there would be a big concern.