1.1 Describe systems and procedures for storing and retrieving information 
The systems for storing and retrieving information that may include are ways such as paper or electronic. Paper is when you write down the information or data on a paper and filing it away which is not easy because in a company if you just keep writing the documents on paper then it will become really difficult to store all of that paper and it would be rally hard to find when its filed. there is another way which is the electronic way and you would have to type up documents on the computer which is the easier way but it also has disadvantages one of the disadvantage is that you could lose the data. The most important thing is that whatever way you use the system you need to make sure that the confidential documents are safely locked away and only minimum people can access it. It is important to have rules concerning the security and confidentially of information, because it may contain sensitive information such as financial data, human resources records, payroll records and personal records. 
1.2 Outline legal and organisational requirements for information security and retention 
It is really important to make sure that personal data is kept away securely and only 2 or 3 people can have access this is because if it gets into wrong hands this information can cause a threat in your company and to the customers and the people would use this kind of information can be used for so many negative thing such as committing a fraud or they can discriminate so these are the reasons why keeping any company documents or customer documents or any other kinds of information needs to be locked in a safe store room with high and strict security. 
 1.3 Explain how to create filing systems to facilitate information identification and retrieval  
It’s important for any organisation it’s important that all the procedures are being followed and that everyone the staff members and everyone in the placement is following the procedures. By having a up to date system, it will help when someone is to come and look at that file as they will know where to look for it/ as well as that all the storage will need to be maintained and easy to access for anyone who has to use it. An example of this can be in a hospital as they would use both electronic and paper for sharing information. They will have patients records so when it is in need for use they can access it. By having the electronic file out, it can help you by saving time and looking for it.  
 All the files of all the patient are kept for a period of time this can be years as its key for a reference or another Important information. All the file of the patients would be archived and be kept safe in case for the future. The records will be kept for all the past patients and current patients and will be listed alphabetically so if you are looking for one person’s name you will need to go to that letter and look for their file.  
1.4 Explain how to use different search techniques to locate and retrieve information   
1.5 Describe what to do when problems arise when storing or retrieving information 
The problems that could occur when storing or retrieving information is that if your documents are written on a paper or if you printed out a certain document then the problem can be that you have misplaced the document or if you have put it in the stock room and you have mixed up with other papers so you can sort this problem out by asking your team members to help you find the documents also sort out the stock room and put everything in alphabetical order so next time when the employers or your manager asks or needs a certain document then it will becomes easy to find  it because it will be in order also another way is if there was a fire in the building and you had important documents which were only on paper you would lose them and you would have to make all of those paper again but before this situation even happens the best thing to do is that scan the paper and save it on to a hard drive also keep fireproof cabinets to put the documents in. 
Another problem that can happen in a workplace is that you may have a virus on your computer and from stopping viruses you need to delete unnecessary emails and don’t put a usb stick in the computer because the usb stick could have a virus on it you need to install a software to stop viruses, because you have personal data on your computer or you have impotent company email and you have you work on that you should always monitor the system. You should also take care that you do not share important company data with anyone outside the company unless you collaborate with them or you have a business deal.